Take your content to the limit


We developed Titan to be the next step in publishing. Titan is an HTML5-compatible publishing format with reader and cloud integration. It can be used on desktop, tablet and mobile platforms by leveraging the power of responsive HTML5.

Regardless of whether you need to modernize existing content locked in legacy formats or are setting out to define the future of interactive publishing, we are there to augment your organization and realize your vision.

It is no coincidence that we developed these solutions for use in an educational context; the classroom is the ultimate proving ground because of the high stakes involved and the high expectations of a digital native youth.

In summary Titan offers the following:



Liberate your content

Whichever form you content takes, we know how to unlock its potential including ePUB3, PDF, InDesign, SCORM and QTI.

Start realizing your vision of interactive content today.

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Spread your content

Your content works natively on mobile platforms and web browsers.

Our full-stack software components can fill any gap.

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Measure your impact

Readers interact with your content, and socially with each other.

You get the right analytics and metrics to measure and optimize performance.

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